Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meet a Hero

I met a hero yesterday. She saved her father's life last week. And she's only ten.

Meet Jamie Abernathy. We met her yesterday in her dad's hospital room at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. She's a typical ten year old. A little shy with the camera on her. But otherwise bouncing around the room and smiling at the fact her father is still alive.

James Abernathy was at a friend's house helping with a car. When he poured gas into the carburator (something I've done before more than a few years ago) the car backfired causing the gasoline to ignite, along with his arm and side. Little Jamie was playing nearby and saw what happened. She told her father to "stop, drop and roll." Doctors say at the very least it kept Mr. Abernathy from having SEVERE burns. At best, it saved his life.

You can view the story here.